The Caregiver's Companion by Chef Dave Wells

About The Book

This book is concerned foremost with giving care to those in need, through food and love.

Author Dave Wells writes about his personal experience with providing care for others, most notably his mother who survived cancer. Already a superbly trained chef, Wells' mother's illness redirected his focus toward creating the optimal nutrition, environment, and even thought processes for someone undergoing chemotherapy. Through recipes and anecdotes, Wells explains how to use food as medicine and how to harness the power of self-will, and unconditional love.

With this book, Wells gives you the opportunity to nurture loved ones through his recipes and your own loving devotion.


5/5 (4 Reviews)

Gordon Drysdale


Experience a lifetime of training offered in a casual way.

Karen Harrington, M.D.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation

His background brings compassion and a personal touch to all he helps.

Anne Lindberg

Katz Cancer Resource Center

Adds creativity and uniqueness while nutritionally educating.

Dr. David B. Love, D.C.

Santa Cruz, CA

Wells is a wealth of information and an absolute expert in the field of nutrition and disease prevention.

Dave Wells

Chef, Nutritionist, Father...

Chef Wells has been cooking professionally since he was fifteen, when he apprenticed under world-class master chefs. He went on to graduate with high honors from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. Overall, he has twenty-five years experience in restaurants and hotels.

He has traveled extensively, and has a tremendous range of international and exotic dishes in his repertoire as well as the classics, plus an array of his own innovations.

He is also a certified fitness trainer; combining his extensive knowledge of nutrition with personalized exercise regimens, he custom-tailors programs for weight loss and optimal health according to the unique needs of each client. He has worked with dieticians and doctors to create custom recipes for specific health issues, such as heart disease and the special dietary needs of those undergoing chemotherapy. David taught several subjects while instructing at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, including sauce kitchen, nutrition, and cost control, while also running the school's "team building" cooking retreats for Silicon Valley executives.

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